Terminology in health care – terms and definitions

Name: Terminology in health care - terms and definitions
Number: ORNOM 1910:2016
Issuing Organisation: ORNOM
Country: Austria
Website: https://www.austrian-standards.at
Type: Standard
Issue Year: 2016
Forward Review Date: Not known
Availability: https://shop.austrian-standards.at/action/de/public/details/576997/OENORM_K_1910_2016_07_01
Domains: Active and Healthy Ageing
Fields: Assistive Technologies, Health and Well-being, Housing and Care Facilities
Intended Audience: Carers, Governmental and Public Sector bodies, Private Sector bodies, Professional and Trade Bodies
Abstract: This ONORM defines definitions and their definitions in the health care system, with regard to Austrian specifics.
Relevance to Active and Healthy Ageing: High
Older Person Specific : No
Usage: Not known
Comment: TBC

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