Quality of Teleassistance Services

Name: Quality of Teleassistance Services (Qualité de Service en Téléassistance)
Number: NF X50-520
Issuing Organisation: AFNOR
Country: France
Website: www.afnor.org (in French)
Type: Standard
Issue Year: 2013
Forward Review Date: Not known
Availability: Available through AFNOR website.
Domains: Active and Healthy Ageing, Homes
Fields: Assistive Technologies, Digital Health and eHealth, Health and Well-being, Housing
Intended Audience: Carers, Governmental and Public Sector bodies, Older People, Private Sector bodies, Professional and Trade Bodies, Third (Voluntary) Sector bodies
Abstract: The standard (norm) is for teleassistance (telecare and social alarm) services - recognised as being aimed at 'weakened, vulnerable, elderly or disabled' people and linking, where appropriate, with homecare services. Different aspects of services are addressed including service implementation, service and call management, monitoring, billing and payments. Medical care and support in institutional settings are excluded. Notable aspects of the standard relate to that attention given to staff competencies and to comprehensive guidelines for each service 'component'
Relevance to Active and Healthy Ageing: High
Older Person Specific : Yes
Usage: Not known
Comment: The standard specifically refers to the particular relevance for older people, over half a million of whom are understood to be the beneficiaries of such services in France. It is notable for the attention given to staff comptetences and to the way in which the rights and choices of user are recognised. Specific performance indicators are not included. While detail is provided for a range of issues relating to service provision, no performance indicators are indicated.

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