Process reference model for health care facilities

Name: Process reference model for health care facilities
Number: ONORM 1960: 2014
Issuing Organisation: ONORM
Country: Austria
Type: Standard
Issue Year: 2014
Forward Review Date: Not known
Domains: Active and Healthy Ageing, Services
Fields: Assistive Technologies, Built Environment and Outdoor Spaces, Health and Well-being, Housing and Care Facilities
Intended Audience: Carers, Governmental and Public Sector bodies, Professional and Trade Bodies
Abstract: A process model applicable to all institutions (hospitals, outpatient clinics, institutes, rehabilitation clinics, special hospitals, health resorts), as well as nursing homes, which are regulated in the institutions of the health care and health care institutions. The intramural area and the performance at the interfaces to the extramural area are considered.
Relevance to Active and Healthy Ageing: High
Older Person Specific : Yes
Usage: Not known
Comment: TBC

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