Date Progressive Workshop: Making ICT standards fit for AHA in Euro
CEN-CENELEC, Brussels, Belgium 2017
19th Oct 2017 The Progressive project – Malcolm Fisk
19th Oct 2017 A European perspective – Christoph Klein
19th Oct 2017 The European standardisation system and its relation to research and innovation – Andreea Gulacsi
19th Oct 2017 An older people’s perspective – Peter Rayner
19th Oct 2017 A policy maker’s perspective – Inmaculada Placencia
19th Oct 2017 An industry/designer’s perspective – Hugo Silva
19th Oct 2017 A national standardisation body’s perspective on co-creation – Marlou Bijlsma
19th Oct 2017 PROGRESSIVE approach to use cases and standardisation – Diane Whitehouse
19th Oct 2017 An integrated care use case: Benefitting from standards and interoperability in Health and Social Care – Ester Sarquella Casellas
19th Oct 2017 A social care use case: Supporting networking of digital services for older people – Viviane von Dollen
19th Oct 2017 The role of international standards in changing the way we deliver goods and services in the future. ISO/TC proposal for a new TC on Ageing Societies – Robert Turpin
19th Oct 2017 Select, simplify, fix: How Continua, IHE and other profiles contribute to making standards fit for purpose – Michael Strubin
19th Oct 2017 Mapping the coordination in ICT standardisation for AHA – Estelle Huchet & Fernando Machicado
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