As would be expected for such a wide ranging project, there are multiple tasks being undertaken. The completion of these, in many cases, is reflected in presentations, articles and other published outcomes. Most of these are listed below (with the month of production).



Date Report, Presentation or Article Notes
Oct 2016 (M1) Presentation: Introductory Presentation
Jan 2017 (M4) Publication: Project Flier Now updated
Mar 2017 (M6) Report: Guidance Notes on Terms (including Glossary) To be updated July 2018 (M21)
Mar 2017 (M6) Publication: Project Flier
Apr 2017 (M7) Presentation (4.17): The PROGRESSIVE Project: Approach, Ethos and Issues for ‘Key Terms and Phrases’ and around ‘Interoperability’ in the World of Standards [Workshop (Brussels): Towards a Reference Framework for Age-Friendly Homes and Neighbourhoods]
Oct 2017 (M13) Report: Ethical Framework for Standards in the Context of ICT for AHA Pending
Dec 2017 (M15) Report: Guidelines for the CoProduction of Standards around Age-Friendly and Smart Environments Pending
Apr 2018 (M19) Report: Interoperability Profiles for Use Cases in Different ICT and Service Contexts Pending
Apr 2018 (M19) Report: Guidelines for Standards around ICT for AHA for Age-Friendly Communities Pending
Aug 2018 (M23) Report: Guidelines for Standards around ICT for AHA for Smart Homes that are Age-Friendly Pending
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