Hoists for the transfer of disabled persons – Requirements and test methods

Name: Hoists for the transfer of disabled persons - Requirements and test methods
Number: EN ISO 10535:2006
Issuing Organisation: CEN ISO
Country: International
Website: http://standards.cen.eu
Type: Standard
Issue Year: 2006
Forward Review Date: Not known
Availability: http://standards.cen.eu/dyn/www/f?p=204%3A110%3A0%3A%3A%3A%3AFSP_PROJECT%2CFSP_ORG_ID%3A14521%2C6274&cs=1CCA980354B52AB741D24B927DC81C290
Domains: Active and Healthy Ageing, Services
Fields: Assistive Technologies, Health and Well-being, Housing and Care Facilities
Intended Audience: Carers, Governmental and Public Sector bodies, Professional and Trade Bodies
Abstract: ISO 10535:2006 specifies requirements and test methods only for hoists and body-support units intended for the transfer of disabled persons as classified in ISO 9999:2002: 12 36 03 Mobile hoists with sling seats 12 36 04 Standing mobile hoists 12 36 06 Mobile hoists with solid seats 12 36 09 Hoist trolleys 12 36 12 Stationary hoists fixed to the wall/walls, floor and/or ceiling 12 36 15 Stationary hoists fixed to, mounted in or on another product 12 36 18 Stationary free-standing hoists 12 36 21 Body-support units for hoists The requirements of ISO 10535:2006 are formulated with regard to the needs of both the disabled persons being hoisted and the attendant using the hoist.
Relevance to Active and Healthy Ageing: High
Older Person Specific : No
Usage: Not known
Comment: tbc

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