Health informatics – Quality criteria for services and systems for telemedicine

Name: Health informatics - Quality criteria for services and systems for telemedicine (Medische informatica - Kwaliteitseisen telemedicine)
Number: NEN 8028
Issuing Organisation: NEN
Country: Netherlands
Type: Standard
Issue Year: 2011
Forward Review Date: Not known
Domains: Active and Healthy Ageing, Services
Fields: Assistive Technologies, Digital Health (incl. Telehealth and Telecare), Health and Well-being
Intended Audience: Governmental and Public Sector bodies, Private Sector bodies
Abstract: In the Netherlands, a standard for quality of telemedicine which is operational since 2011. Telemedicine is (a) care process(es) that: 1) uses ICT and telecommunications to bridge distance and 2) involves two actors (at least one accredited health practitioner). The standard dictates quality requirements: — the healthcare institution must perform risk management by identifying sub processes and for each sub process: 1)defining the conditions that must be fulfilled regarding the following categories: -people (healthcare professional, patient, carers), - procedures (protocols), - information - technical facilities - Finance. 2) identifying the risks that could occur if one of more of the conditions are not fulfilled, and 3) defining the quality requirements to cope with these risks — requirements for care provision (orientation by patient, intake and care delivery) — requirements for the supplier for effectiveness, safety, openness and transparency
Relevance to Active and Healthy Ageing: Medium
Older Person Specific : No
Usage: Not known
Comment: tbc

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