Guide for Addressing Accessibility in Standards

Name: Guide for addressing accessibility in standards
Number: CEN/CLC Guide 6:2014
Issuing Organisation: CEN CENELEC
Country: Europe
Type: Other
Issue Year: 2014
Forward Review Date: Not known
Availability: Accessibility and design for all
Domains: Services
Fields: General
Intended Audience: Professional and Trade Bodies
Abstract: This Guide provides guidance to standards developers on addressing accessibility requirements and recommendations in standards that focus, whether directly or indirectly, on systems (i.e. products, services and built environments) used by people. To assist standards developers to define accessibility requirements and recommendations, the Guide presents: - a summary of current terminology relating to accessibility; - issues to consider in support of accessibility in the standards development process; - a set of accessibility goals (used to identify user accessibility needs); - descriptions of (and design considerations for) human abilities and characteristics; - strategies for addressing user accessibility needs and design considerations in standards
Relevance to Active and Healthy Ageing: TBD
Older Person Specific : Yes
Usage: Not known
Comment: CEN/CLC Guide 6:2014

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