The PROGRESSIVE project includes a multi-stakeholder consortium with 10 partners from 6 EU member states. Four standardisation bodies are included.



How we are organising the work

We are working collaboratively in teams on a number of ‘Work Packages’ (WP). Most of the work packages involve all the partners to a greater or lesser extent, with one prartner taking the lead for the WP .
Our aim is to ensure achievement of the objectives of the project through:

  • Effective and efficient management, financial control and administrative work;
  • Coordinating a well-functioning and effective research consortium that draws expertise from different disciplines and stakeholder groups;
  • Ensuring scientific excellence, innovative thinking and efficient implementation;
  • Networking and collaboration with other related consortia, projects and networks in the EU and, to some extent, internationally;
  • Ensuring timely and effective reporting to EC.

As the work develops, we will post updates on the progress of the WPs.

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