We are PROGRESSIVE – a consortium of organisations investigating standards in ICT for active and healthy and ageing (AHA). This website reflects the work we are doing as we explore the world of standards, standardisation, codes of practice and guidlines etc. and develop the database what can be found on our platform.


Standards are rules or guidelines that help to make sure that products, processes or services are fit for purpose. Some standards are adopted across different countries and commercial sectors, making it easier for companies to sell their goods and services and for consumers to get a better deal.

Changing Mindsets: The PROGRESSIVE Project at the AAL Forum 2017

Malcolm Fisk (De Montfort University), Diane Whitehouse (EHTEL) and Estelle Huchet (AGE Platform) were delighted to be invited by the organisers to facilitate a workshop at the AAL Forum in Coimbra, Portugal. This was an ideal opportunity to raise the profile of the PROGRESSIVE project to over 700 participants from all parts of the EU.


The AAL Forum (Active and Assisted Living) is the premier annual European event for showcasing technologies for ‘active and assisted living’.  The event theme was bridging gaps between technology and active ageing.  This theme recognises how important it is for technologies to be accessible, usable and empowering for their users. Such matters are central to the PROGRESSIVE Project.


The mission, in the workshop, was to fire people’s imaginations and help set in place new ways of thinking that will improve standards. A part of this is concerned with hearing the voice of older people.


Three issues were addressed in the workshop – with participants challenged about ideas that need to underpin standards around

– Surveillance and privacy;
– Robots and robotics;
– Co-creation


A truly interesting and rewarding discussion followed. This signalled the fact that ‘mindsets’ were already changing in a way that will help ensure that the voices of older people will be heard more loudly in future standards development.

The event programme is accessible at http://www.aalforum.eu/fullprogramme/


AAL forum
Estelle Huchet, Diane Whitehouse and Malcolm Fisk

Work continues on the PROGRESSIVE project, following a well-attended and useful workshop in Brussels on October 19th where we looked at when and how to include many different stakeholders in civic society, and especially older people, in standardisation processes. We were joined by policy makers in Active and Healthy Ageing (AHA), Older People’s Representatives, European and International Standardisation Organisations and Technical Bodies, providers of AHA-related ICT products and services, and representatives of current and recent Research & Innovation projects relevant to ICT for AHA standardisation.


One of the challenges for PROGRESSIVE is to search for examples of effective ways of working collaboratively in standardisation processes that might work well in other situations too – while taking account of the differences in how organisations work, how different kinds of standards are developed, and differences between regional and national contexts. The October workshop greatly helped our thinking on this challenge, and we would like to hear from you if you have views about how to make the standardisation process more inclusive.